Sexual Addiction is More common than you think!

People with sex addiction use sex just as those addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is an anesthetizer that allows them to escape painful realities in order to help regulate their moods whenever they feel stress, anxious, lonely, afraid, rejected, and/or feel privileged, entitled, or use the behavior as a justification for reward.

Sexual Addiction Recovery

Sexual addiction is a serious problem in which one engages in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior despite increasing negative consequences to self and/or others. Like other addictions, sexual acting out behaviors continue despite sincere and persistent efforts to stop.

Sadly, many may not think sex can be addictive because there are no chemicals involved. The truth is the body does in fact produce many hormones and neurotransmitters during sex that produce the same chemical "high" as drugs and alcohol provide.

Although no one factor is thought to cause sexual addiction, there are various elements that may contribute to addictive sexual behaviors such as:

  • Biochemical imbalances
  • Medical conditions
  • Hormones
  • Genetics
  • Abuse during childhood
  • Family dysfunction

While both women and men are susceptible to developing an addiction to sex, it happens far more frequently in men. Sexual orientation or preference is not a primary factor. Sex addicts may be straight, bisexual, or homosexual.

Recovery is available for individuals who have an addiction to sex. Treatment includes a combination of individual psychotherapy, group work, as well as having a personal accountability partner, all throughout the recovery process. Change begins by seeking professional help now!

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