Women Facing Heartbreak

Facing Heartbreak Group is an 8-week group designed for women who have been impacted by their partner's compulsive/addictive sexual behaviors. Because of the relational trauma impact, partners often feel isolated, alone, hurt, angry, betrayed, and ashamed.

This group offers a supportive, safe, and caring environment designed to help female partners of sex addiction begin to recover a deep connection to themselves-healing from the impact of the addict's behavior.

Join by phone or video conferencing!

We understand that you are likely going through one of the most difficult and painful seasons of your life.

Support goals of this Women Facing Heartbreak Group are designed to help partners work through their anger, grief, hurt, distrust (self and others) as well as other challenging issues- all designed to be able to re-establish an intimacy in their lives along with being open to love again. Participants are supported by learning and understanding addiction in order to set healthy boundaries for self-care and develop improved communication.

Group participants will learn:

  • Stages of deception
  • Receiving staggered disclosures and its consequences
  • How to validate/communicate your feelings
  • Understand symptoms of trauma
  • How to manage the crisis
  • Understand what are healthy boundaries
  • How to deal with the emotional aftershock
  • and moreā€¦


All groups are fee based. This group is therapist led and covers a series of focused topics.


All groups are held at NorthPoint Professional Counseling in Novi, MI.

NorthPoint Professional Counseling
44070 W. 12 Mile Rd. Suite #200
Novi, MI 48377

For more information about this group or to register call 248.773.8440

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